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[Conspiracy] Why PETA want to Ban Jallikattu, Conspiracy Behind it

Written by prachur

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PETA – an American organisation (Norfolk, Virginia, United States) tells the Supreme Court of India to ban Jallikattu.

Amercan companies are loosing their revenues in their regular soft drinks business, so they entered into the dairy industry.

The traditional livestock keepers in Tamil Nadu will not be able to maintain the native cattle breeds once the Jallikattu is completely banned.

Tamil Nadu had six cattle breeds earlier and now we have lost the Alambadi breed. The remaining breeds are Kangayam, Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Barugur and Malai Maadu.

Slowly we will loose all these breeds. Today these MNC’s and their background supports like PETA have already laid the ground for commercial cattle based diaries and slaughter houses to dominate the country.

why we need Jallikattu?

Stud bulls are reared by people for Jallikattu. The ones that win are much in demand for servicing the cows. Small farmers cannot afford to keep stud bulls, so each village has a common temple bull which services the cows of the village. Jallikattu is the show where bulls are brought and exhibited. The ones which are most agile (and virile) are preferred by farmers. The calves from such bulls are in demand.

What is the connection between these events and farming?

The intricate connect between these events and farming can be seen from the chronological order in which showcase events like Jallikattu happen first, then the shandies and then the main farming season starts. Once harvest is done, farmers take their bulls to participate in such events over the next few months; spectators and visitors make a note of the top bulls and seek them out in sandhais(cattle shandies/markets) which happen from December till April all over Tamil Nadu. The calves and bulls are bought for Jallikattu and some of their offspring will be castrated and used as draught animals in transport/farming.



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