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Eid-e-Milad Triggers Rioting Against Hindus in West Bengal

Written by prachur

On the occasion of Eid-e-Milad, violence triggered against Hindus in various Muslim dominated areas of West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Hindu Samhita, West Bengal’s leading Hindu rights protecting organisation from has provided insight about these unprovoked aggressions against Hindus in West Bengal. Muslims are playing loud DJ music when local Hindus who are celebrating Margashirsha objected this, large Muslim gang gathered and started ransacking and looting and later burned 3 Hindu shops. Similar disturbance has been reported from Mallarpur, Birbhum district as well.

Some experts are saying that in West Bengal Hindus are in the majority but still unable to protect themselves, and nobody in government hears their voice. Current TMC government and opposition both are busy in appeasing Muslims for their cheap vote bank politics if things continue in the same manner soon West Bengal will be another Jammu and Kashmir.

Here are some images of the riot-hit Dhularagh and Howrah. West Bengal provided by Hindu Samhati.

Hindu Samhati team also provided these videos showing the attacks in Dhulagarh, Howrah, West Bengal:


Note: In the Kaliyuga nobody is having supernatural powers like satiyuga to protect thyself and others but if we became united and stands united, vote united, then nobody can dare to harm us. 

Most powerful weapon in Kaliyuga is unity, unity is strength and by unity, we can achieve everything.





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