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Leveraging Indian Wisdom Of Leaf Plates, Made in Germany Leaf Made Plates

Written by prachur

For we Indians leaf made plates are not new we are using it since antiquity for large social gatherings, public functions in rural places, and langars. In some families in the southern part of India these plates are still in use at home.  But these plates are slowly replaced by fiber plates in public places also. As people in India thinks it as poor practice. But like other Indian practices western people are accepting it with great pride.

Leaf Republic, a German company by using leaves sourced from Asia and southern America is making these leaf plates.  The company has received great Kickstarter funding for this project and want to export these leaf made plates to across the world.

The company designed the plates to reduce plastic waste. They are stitched together with fibers from palm leaves and can disintegrate within 28 days in compost.

Company is selling these plates at around £8.5 equivalent to ₹ 710 each plate. Whereas you can get these plates at dirt low price around 50 paise each plate. Roughly 1500 times cheaper than European counterparts.

Not to surprise some big hotels in India will soon import these Leaf wares and serve but will not buy from India as it would degrade their standards and ratings.

Indian mindset is the reason for this as if they were served with country made plates that would degrade status quo but copy of the same made in West will be good. Even they will take selfies and post it on social platforms. These are the same people who blame India for its poverty. But never came out of their slave mentality even after 70 years of Independence. Still they are in the cage of West.



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