Modus Operandi of Love Jihad

Written by prachur

In last 3 Love Jihad cases we dealt with, there has been a striking similarity. All three girls were convinced by their ‘lovers’ to get intimate and record full video/act. They said- “Oh this is for the time when you are not around, and I miss you, see I miss you so much, won’t you let me do it?”. Fools get trapped in the name of love and ruin their lives forever.

Girls, remember two things

1. Never get intimate with someone you have not checked the name, religion, and family of. Always check how much freedom his sister enjoys in his family. Can she sleep with men of other religions? If no, know that you are with a Jihadi. Simply run.

2. Never let anyone film or capture pics. Know that those will be either sent to Pornographic websites or be used to blackmail you to bring your sister/friend/money to him.

We now have a database of over 100 cases. I have been involved personally in finding patterns. Will keep sharing more and more for benefit and safety of all from time to time.

Remember, true love will never ask you to remove clothes. True love will inspire you to excel in everything you want to do.

– Vashi Sharma



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