The need for a Hindu Rashtra

Written by prachur
Looking around the newspapers and social networking sites, we all can see intellectuals better we can say so-called intellectuals worrying about the increasing influence of Hindutva ideology in the India and the fall of secularism and tolerance in the country.
From time to time Narendra Modi-led Indian government is being accused of propagating Hindutva as a part of right-wing propaganda. From where I see, these not just accusations on the government but an attack on the very soul of the nation that our Independence leaders like Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai, and Rajendra Prasad fought for while struggling for freedom.
During Independence, we Hindus took the high road not declaring India a Hindu nation, a welcome gesture towards our diverse community. What we did get in return is a propaganda to rule us out of our own country, a part of which is adding the word “secular” during the darkness of ’emergency’. The very word which has been used as the sole weapon to counter any Hindu voice since then, the only word around which the politics of every anti-BJP party has been revolving around since 2014 elections.
Giving the Muslim community a separate nation was like giving a part of our home to the refugees whom we gave shelter in their bad times. Who would have thought in those times that even after bearing the wound of partition, our democratically elected PM will be tagged communal for calling himself a ‘Hindutva nationalist’. Our country is not just an economy and the laws modified again and again according to ease of government to rule people. Our India is defined by its people, their way of life and their culture evolved over thousands of years, i.e. Hindutva. The very religion from which the idea of Indian state and democracy was derived from!! The need to declare India a Hindu nation has been felt since the very day our constitution was formed. The growing saffron influence in the country is just the implication of the atrocities and propagation of negativity against our religion. Electing a hardliner Hindu as PM and CM are the signs of Hindus being vocal about their needs and rights.
 After all the invasions and colonial rule, the lesson that India has learnt the hard way is that development can never be achieved ignoring security concerns. While our army is securing our borders, yet there is a tussle over dominance of territory among Hindus and Muslims. History is the testimony to the fact that majority of states of the current world have been wiped off their ethnic religion. We cannot let India suffer the same plight. Declaring India a Hindu nation is the need of time. The time has come to raise our voice high in the battlefield of politics, roaring our way to the capital of Hindu religion, the birthplace of lord Shri Ram “Ayodhya” and hoist the saffron flag up high on his temple to restore our faith, cultural harmony and heritage of thousands of years.
This article is written by Aditya Raj



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