The failed Opposition

Written by prachur
In any democracy, opposition plays a very important role in the functioning of the democratic machinery. It’s very disappointing that today when opposition itself claims that the government is on a “berserk objective to grab power”, it seems clueless in its approach to counter it. The whole strategy of opposition to counter the winning spree of BJP is limited to enchanting the beads of secularism. In this failed approach, the Congress party has not only lost its own credibility among the people but also of all the parties that it has formed coalition with. It seems that the single point agenda of opposition is to paint every religious activity in the colour of communalism to defame the government and the country as intolerant on the international platform. It’s pathetic that parties filled with scholars of reputed institutions are short of issues in the country fighting with burning issues like corruption, poverty and unemployment. The politics of appeasement is neither beneficial in the upliftment of minorities nor good for the health of democracy. Even as the opposition, the people of India have sent their representatives to raise their voice in the parliament and they have every right to held them accountable for their duties. It’s high time for the opposition to introspect itself to rectify it’s mistakes and perform their duty as a responsible parliamentarian.

By Aditya Raj 



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