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Dhulagarh West Bengal Riots and Mute State Machinery of West Bengal December 2016

Written by prachur

Some pictures from Dhulagarh West Bengal Riots, Muslims are throwing stones and having swords in the presence of Security Forces. Police became the mute spectator.

To whom we should blame, or we can blame in the blame game.
1.  First we can blame state government for taking no action against Jihadis but to be honest we can’t blame state government. To be in power government need votes and unlike Hindus Muslims vote in groups i.e. all Muslim community only votes for one party at a time, Since they have unity they have government with them obeying their order.
2.  To the Muslim community, no they are not responsible. Violence is their instinct, and they are doing it since the 6th century, and they will continue to do so. They are best at doing violence, killing, raping, looting, ransacking kaffirs (non-believers). Not to forgot that they would get rewarded for doing all said things to nonbelievers in imaginary paradise where 72 virgin girls will welcome them.
So blaming Muslims for all this is an utter waste of time and energy.
3.  To Hindus, yes Hindus are responsible for all the bloodshed and law and order problem not only in West Bengal all over India, It started with the great traitor Jaichand and continuing since today.
If you vote united and stand united nobody will dare to touch you and say anything about your beliefs.
Still, Hindus are in the majority in West Bengal then why Mamta Banerjee led TMC government is laid arms down and doing nothing against Muslims. If all Hindus of West Bengal became united and stop preaching utter bullsh*t that all Muslims are not wrong and hit the road and show the unity and solidarity for our brothers and against these riots, rioters, and the present TMC government. If 5-6 crore Hindu brothers and sisters in Bengal shows the strength and roar lines “जय महाकाली भद्रकाली ” and lines said by Swami Vivekanand “गर्व से कहो हम हिन्दू है” the whole TMC government will come to your feet and beg and will respond to these Jihadis effectively.

Dear Hindu brothers of West Bengal don’t forget the most Fainthearted peoples are Muslims its written in their texts “If oppositions is strict don’t mess with them just surrender” this is called Al-taqiya. You may remember how 93,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to India in just 14 days.
And you are the descendants of Subash Chandra Bose, Khudiram Bose and you have glorious past so make your future also glorious don’t get laid gainst these jihadis kick them out to Bangladesh.
Remember that you are still majority once you became minority your fate will be same as of Kashmiri Pandits, as of Hindus of Pakistan, as of Hindus of Bangladesh, as of Hindus of Afghanistan.
Fight back you are brave don’t submit yourself don’t run away. Kick them out. Don’t limit yourself to me and my family. Come out and look after your fellow brothers your religion, your motherland. Remember lines from Bhagwad Gita “धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः”, रक्षित किया हुआ धर्म रक्षक की रक्षा करता है|




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