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​Brihadeeswarar Temple: An engineering marvel

Written by prachur

In order to install the 82,000-kilogram apex on top of the 220 feet tower, the engineers built a ramp extending over 6 kilometer and gradually transported it, inch by inch, all the way to the top.
Simply unimaginable!!

Another unique feature of this temple is that the 220 feet tower was built using interlocking technique, without any concrete/mortar or binding material.

Here is an interesting 1-hour documentary about this 1000 year old temple:

Schools in India have been teaching students about the history & engineering of the Pyramids of Egypt. In fact, I have seen entire chapter dedicated for Pyramids & their construction, in most of the school textbooks.
But there have hardly been any chapter or even a mere mention of our own Indian architectural & engineering marvels like Brihadeeswarar Temple (Thanjavur).
Why? Because any reference to Temples of ancient India, would be against the spirit of secularism since Temples have idols of Lord Shiva, Lord Rama etc which are “highly communal”. Whereas Pyramids are secular because they just contain the dead bodies of foreign Kings.

Hence, it is justified to praise & go gaga over the Pyramids, but our schools will continue to shun our ancient Temples in order to “maintain the secular fabric”.

-Guru Prasad



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